A Book for Every Kid at Garnet Elementary

A Book for Every Kid at Garnet Elementary

The BIG news is that we have started a fundraiser in the hopes of being able to buy a book for each of the students at our local Title 1 Elementary School, Garnet Elementary. We’d like to give a copy of Everywhere, Wonder to each of the 192 Pre-K through 2nd grade kids, and one of The Real McCoys to each of the 164 third through fifth grade kids.

We Now Have a YouTube Channel

We started doing One Quick Question and were having so much fun with it that we decided to add The Daily Minute, which is basically approximately 60 seconds (the “Minute” part of the The Daily Minute) and is recorded every day (the “Daily” part...

One Quick Question: Episode 2

In this one, we try to hold pens under our noses to distract us from the distressing gravity of the subject matter. Who likes failure? What did you say? I’m trying to hold this pen under my nose! Creative Confessional (The Schemes and Projects That Didn’t...

One Quick Question: Episode 1

Our very first episode of One Quick Question! Watch and learn! Or don’t learn. We pretty much have no idea what we’re doing. Collaborating with Your Spouse (Without Resorting to...
Our Latest Harebrained Scheme

Our Latest Harebrained Scheme

Well, here we go again. Another something-or-other that sounds like fun and so we’re going to try to do it.

A little background: we have very much enjoyed doing our FB Livecasts, but have felt the nagging sense that we have more to offer than tips on How to Badly Bake Cobbler and What Not to Guess When Matthew is Drawing Even If It Looks Just Like Who You Think It Is (Christopher Walken). We wanted it to fall under the following constraints:
1. We wanted it to be video.
2. We didn’t want to have to do any editing.
3. We wanted it to be short enough that it wasn’t a big commitment.
4. We wanted to share some of our vast moonscape of knowledge.
5. We did not want the moonscape to make us seem too boring.