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A Reminder to Myself at the Start of a New Year

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Family | 2 comments

It has been weeks since my last post. And yet life has been full and worthy of documentation. I’m not precisely sure why I haven’t taken the time to let you in on the fun. Perhaps it is the result of so many long days and short nights. Or blogging exhaustion in the wake of chronicling our Guatemala adventures. Whatever the reason, I felt the need for a minor sabbatical. But now I’ve had it, and am ready to get back to business.

It being Monday, I have a full slate, but I want to tap into this sudden impulse to chronicle before it gets expended on something else (and to remind myself that blog posts don’t need to [and probably shouldn’t?] contain dozens of photos). And so I will take a moment to share the news that Kato has just completed his sixth year.

And he has the shirt to prove it.


And here he was at the beginning of things, a tiny pile of warm bones that fit in my hands. The look is the same. He has always been old and wise. If you want to read about that long-ago day, please do.


And there you have it. A post. The first post in weeks. The first of more posts to come in this brand new year. A great heap of excitement lies ahead. There is so much that we have not yet been able to tell you.

Which is to say, stay tuned.





  1. Adrian K.

    Happy birthday, Kato! 6 is such a fun time. Happy New Year to the Behr-Swanson clan. All good, happy, creative and hilarious things for you guys in 2016. Much love from Virginia!

  2. jenifer e e

    Oh boy! A post!
    I’ve been missing mes Idiots.
    Happy Birthday, Kato … may it be a banner year!


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