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Achievement Unlocked!

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Videos | 0 comments


The fundraising goal has been reached! Every kid at Garnet Elementary, our beloved local Title 1 school, will be receiving a copy of either The Real McCoys or Everywhere, Wonder! We are so SO grateful to everyone who donated to make this a reality!

We were amazed at how generously all kinds of people gave to the campaign, and how quickly we were able to meet our goal. It really is the best of the best. Thank you.

We ordered the books and they have been sitting in our front room for a week, but tomorrow is the big day! We will be going to Garnet to give presentations on Everywhere, Wonder (pre-K through 2nd) and The Real McCoys (3rd through 5th) followed by visits to each classroom where we will hand out books to each kid. WE ARE SO EXCITED.

However, this morning we realized that we had not actually counted to make sure all of the books were present to deliver (and we needed to deliver them this morning so they can be divvied up by classroom). This seems to be the way we do things around here, alas.

And so we counted.

There’s nothing like giving away a towering tower of books to make you feel good on a Tuesday morning.
Donated books ready to go

Matthew loaded them all up in ye olde faithful minivan:
Loaded up

And delivered them to Principal Rose’s office:
Books in the Office

Where they patiently sit, awaiting the glory of tomorrow where they will find their way into the hands of kids who so deserve them. I’m pretty sure there will be rainbows and explosions of sparkles and glitter.

If you missed our Facebook Live feed documenting the difficulties of counting boxes of books while Jasper tries desperately to be on camera, here you go:

(If you’d prefer to keep up with us on Facebook, btw, HAVE AT IT.)

Thanks again to all of you who donated to this project. We are truly, truly grateful, and so pleased that these deserving kids will be walking home tomorrow with books of their own. We even exceeded our fundraising goal, so we’re putting the other two Title 1 elementary schools in our district in our sights – here we come, Rock Hall Elementary and Galena Elementary!





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