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An Abundance of Good Will

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Our Work | 0 comments

Anything in multiples is intriguing, if not downright beautiful.

Such is the case with our Anonygrams. The orders have been trickling in, but one day last week, we got socked with a flood of orders, and boy did it feel nice.


And not just because we like getting orders. Of course we do. But more because each Anonygram is itself a gift, a little piece of love, fondness, or admiration that we get to channel through our studios.

More Anonygrams

We hope the recipients have been excited as well – by the carefully constructed, pressed paper emissary on a relay run from the mind and heart of one person to the mind and heart of another.

Stamping Anonygrams

Any day is a good day to send an Anonygram. Because every day you are a human being in a world full of fellow hopeful, bumbling, fallible, wonderful others.

You know a handful of people who need one. Let them know that someone has taken note of their good deeds (or rotten day), that they have been seen and appreciated, that they are loved.

Order an Anonygram today. From what we’ve been told, it’s worth every penny.





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