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Anonygram Recipients Speak!

by | Jan 26, 2015 | Our Work | 0 comments

One of the things we love best about Haywire Letterpress is Anonygrams, which, in case you’re just joining us, is our anonymous letterpress greeting card service. Basically, you give us a name and choose a design, and we send a beautiful piece of heartfelt sentiment (which doubles as a framable art print) to that person in your life who needs a lift or hearty congratulations.

Bundled with each Anonygram is a little card with a secret code. Using this code, the recipient can send an email to their benefactor—without ever learning that person’s identity.


We wondered if people would do it. And it turns out, they have. In droves.

Here are a few of the responses we’ve gotten so far, with the names changed to ensure their anonymity.


Here are a few of the replies to the card above:

  • Thank you so much, anonymous friend, for the lovely note! We got it right before the holidays, and it made us smile. You’re the best! – Claire
  • Well, thank you. I’m glad someone thinks so. – Lewis
  • Hey there,
    I love getting magical mail, so thank you for the card today. These last few weeks (err, months/years), I’ve felt quite the opposite of the card’s sentiment. It feels good to know ‘someone’ is rooting for me. Thank you for being that someone. Thank you for making me feel a bit lighter. Thank you for being you—for being—for you.
  • I wonder if my idea of who this may be is correct…
    – Dan
  • I may have to frame this card and put it in my office. Let’s meet up at the Pancake House soon.
    Hugs! – Ellen


As for our diving Rhino:

Thank you very much for the card! It arrived on the last day of a stress-filled finals week and really brightened my day. I wish I knew how to thank you directly, but please know it was greatly appreciated.
:) – Annabelle


In response to our stylish turtle:

  • Thanks for finally recognizing slowness as a matter of style! – Charles
  • Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks for the Anonygram. I wish I could say that I like your style, too, but since I don’t know who you are, it is possible that you have terrible style. I’m not saying it’s true, but it is possible. I don’t want to be a liar…in case you wear Grandma panties, or something.
    So…are you listening to Serial? It’s pretty good. I think Adnan is totally innocent. When do you think they’re bringing House of Cards back to Netflix?
    I’m gonna go drink some old wine and eat some M&Ms now. How’s that for style?
    Yours truly,
    Anonygold (aka Marigold)

So you know, Anonygold (whoever you are), House of Cards returns on February 27. You’re welcome.


The hedgehog spoke. And here were the replies:

  • Dear Anonymous Friend/Secret Admirer,
    Thank you so very much for the beautiful letterpress card. You must know me pretty well because you hit three of my favorite things in one:
    Receiving snail mail, letterpress, and hedgehogs.
    I only wish you would make yourself known so I could send you something in the mail as well. If you so choose to reveal yourself, I will thank you again, and again.
    Your card couldn’t have come at a better time.
    Xoxoxoxoxo – Amy


And this recipient was inspired to provide photographic evidence of her Anonygram’s final resting place:

  • Thought you’d enjoy this photo of holiday poetry that your greeting inspired! Wishing you all happiness and love in the new year! – Penelope

Thanks to all of you on both sides of this equation—those of you who are making the effort to make an anonymous gesture and those of you who are closing the loop by expressing your gratitude. As far as we’re concerned, the more of this the better. Anonygrams are meant to blend art and generosity of spirit into selfless expressions of good will.

We appreciate that so many of you are choosing to add your voices to the mix.

If you’ve been thinking about sending an Anonygram but haven’t yet gotten around to it, there’s no better time than this exact moment.

Go ahead. Make someone’s day.





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