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Be Our Valentines

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Our Work | 0 comments

Our press has been loaded with red ink for the past few days. And for once, its purpose was not to correct my many mistakes.

No, this was Valentine’s red. It is the season of love, and so we decided to make some new cards and Anonygrams.

Here is the disk, ready to print.

DSC05252 copy

And here is our Valentine. A nest and a bird, a culminating twig and a stream of tiny hearts. You get the picture.

DSC05263-crop copy

The inside says “Be my Valentine.” We have plenty, should you wish to send one to that special person who holds the piece to your puzzle.

DSC05266 copy

And here is our Valentine-themed Anonygram. We thought about designs professing true love or ardent desire but wondered if it might be a bit too creepy to receive such a sentiment anonymously. And so we staged a play between a fruit fly and a banana, who whisper their sweet nothings so that you don’t actually have to.

DSC05289 copy

An awkward metaphor? Perhaps? But you are a visionary. Your secret feelings now have a fitting outlet. You will carpe that diem, my friend.

DSC05292 copy

For the duck who dances to its own beat. For the one who isn’t afraid to be themselves even when the rest of the flock is sticking to the script, we give you the duckling of a different color.

DSC05272 copy

And then for the person whose very being emanates the best in life, who soldiers on unrecognized, who simply needs a splash of recognition.

DSC05308 copy

What’s better than a cupcake that you get to enjoy over and over again each day? (Glass of cold, creamy milk not included.)

DSC05313 copy

And, finally, a dancing cow, because nothing can express so well the way that special someone makes you feel than a dancing cow with a top hat and a cane.

DSC05321 copy

And yes, that cow is purple. And yes, that is no accident, given the surprising (yet explicable) number of people with an affinity of purple cows who read this blog.

DSC05314 copy

The printing is done and the stacks of envelopes await your orders. So have at it. Spread a little love. Or joy.

DSC05257 copy

Or just plan like.





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