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Book of Ice Cream

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Miscellany | 0 comments

Perhaps you do not know, but now I will tell you that Robbi is leading a revival over on the Bobbledy Blog. Following her fall hiatus devoted to overhauling our various web sites, Robbi has re-instituted the Bobbledy themes, this time on a monthly (reasonable! sustainable!) instead of weekly (insane! ulcer-inducing!) basis.

This month’s theme, dear to Robbi’s heart (and stomach), is none other than ice cream.



Which means you can visit an ice cream factory or follow our family’s adventures in trying to make ice cream or read an ice cream-themed story by yours truly.

But the real point of these themes is not jabbering on and on but giving kids a chance to make stuff. Drawings or stories or both!

See below submissions from Simon and Everett, who, inspired by ice cream, made some stuff to share with the rest of us.

First up, Simon’s Book of Ice Cream Facts.

Simon book of ice cream


First of all, BRAVO, Simon. I love this book. I love the “voice” of the book (ask your parents what I mean by that). I love the illustrations in this book. And I love the whole idea. Though I do wonder if you might not quite understand the meaning of the word “fact.” But in this regard, I applaud you! I also find facts inconvenient impediments to the making of good books. PLEASE keep making books, skirting reality, and spinning the ridiculous into the sublime. You and I are fellow travelers, I think.

As for Simon’s brother Everett, he took a Post-Expressionist approach to honoring ice cream. Or is it Pre-Dadaist? Or is it just endearing, earnest, and true?

Everett ice cream cone

I cannot say. All I know for sure is that I want to eat some ice cream at this moment.

If you are a parent or a kid who has a few minutes and wants to learn a little, laugh a little, and maybe even create something, we would love to see it. And we would love to post it over on the Bobbledy Blog. We had a great flurry of making and sharing before we took our little break, and we sure would like to bring it back. So please, join Simon and Everett in tapping the muse and seeing what comes forth. Life is never too busy and full to spend a few minutes making something.

I’m talking to you, kids! I’m talking to you, moms and dads and facilitators of the activities of kids!

Come join us.






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