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by | Apr 20, 2015 | Miscellany | 0 comments

We have told you already, I think, about the great excitement that has erupted in Scotland over Maia Blackie’s winning this year’s Bobbledy Books “make your own book” contest.

We have just received from Maia’s grandmother the latest in her string of media mentions, this time a front-page story on the cover of her local paper, the Kilmarnock Standard.


Here’s a link to the article itself. It’s lovely and sweet, if somewhat hyperbolic and lacking in strict adherence to the facts.

The article begins as such.

A Stewarton girl has made history by becoming the youngest ever Scottish writer to have been published.

At just six-years old, Maia Blackie etched her name into Scottish literary history alongside writers like Robert Louis Stevenson, Val McDermid, and even Rabbie Burns.

And to seize the opportunity, the Lainshaw Primary pupil beat thousands of children from America.

We will leave it to others (and to the years ahead) to ascertain whether Maia will join the Mount Rushmore of Scottish literary greats, but we can (and must) admit that she did not beat out thousands of Americans to win the contest. Though dozens, certainly.

Playing a role in bringing Maia’s wonderful book into the world is truly one of Robbi’s and my proudest accomplishments of our 12 years of making books together.

And heir apparent to Robert Burns or no, Maia should be very proud of her excellent work. If you are so inspired, you can order Rosie and the Bees here.

And if, some day, you happen upon a book by a younger Scottish author, we will gladly refund your money (provided that child actually has bested thousands of American authors along the way).





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