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Entering the Third Dimension

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Family | 0 comments

Usually, our family’s contributions to the world of media lie squarely in two-dimensional space: words and images printed on pages, photos posted on Facebook or blogs. But lately, we’ve been asked to step into another dimension, one that is unfamiliar but not unwelcome.

To celebrate the launch of Imprint, Erin Stein, the editor of Babies Ruin Everything, asked us to shoot some footage of all five of us answering the question “What is an Imprint?”

If you haven’t been following closely (an entirely forgivable sin), Erin has just launched a new imprint at Macmillan. And the imprint is called “Imprint.” Hence the question. Hence the puzzling answers.


Erin’s husband just happens to be a filmmaker (coincidence?), and he has edited our family’s footage along with that gathered by other authors and their kids into a series of three short videos.

If you are as excited about Imprint’s launch as we are (or even 20% as excited), have a look.

This video features the five Swanson/Behrs and is punctuated by Kato at his most impishly flummoxed and Augie at his most lovably inarticulate.

This one features the various authors and illustrators Erin has already signed to Imprint’s first batch of projects.

And, lastly, a video featuring various kids (including our own) sounding off on the Imprint riddle. It is perhaps the most endearing.

That’s it. It’s probably time you got back to work. And if you can’t help but watch them all again, it’s ok to tell your boss it’s all my fault.

If you’re interested in delving into the day-to-day happenings and observations of an editor in the midst of launching an imprint, why not follow @imprintreads on Twitter?

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