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Get Your Vote On

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Matthew Draws | 3 comments

If, upon seeing the title of this post, you thought you might experience a torrent of political opinion, I am sorry to disappoint you. I will leave such matters to those better qualified to handle them, and will direct you, instead, to the Matthew Draws Reader-Submitted Drawings Contest voting mechanism so that you can cast your ballot on this, the final day that remains before we tally the results and name the winner.

In case you got lost in the above flurry of (downright inspiring) words, here is the link. Go to it. Rate each set of drawings. Let our noble batch of aspiring artists know exactly what you think of their work, even if what you have to say is, “Keep up the good work, sucker. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever draw with the stunning aplomb of Matthew, but it sure is fun watching you try.”

Though most (if not all) of you love (perhaps “adore” is a more appropriate word?) my drawings, in the interest of even-handedness, I will share an excerpt of email I received from one of our loyal subscribers:



Notice that I stand in front of the Idiots’ Books section in my home. Clearly, I value you.


THIS is what you send when you want me to re-subscribe? (note the sticker)


The subscriber in question (let’s call her Tara, because her name is Tara), included a picture to punctate her point.

20140922_183922My point is this. Whether you love my drawings or loathe them, Matthew Draws inspires great emotion. Which is why you should vote. The world needs your voice, your opinion, your funny, snarky comments. So bring it, already.

And if you are inspired to vote in those actual elections, too, I suppose we’re not going to stop you.






  1. Lacey

    What a spoil that I can’t vote for my own drawings over and over and over again as I had planned to do. Isn’t it everyone’s right to commit voter fraud when necessary? And since I don’t participate in Facebook (fascism), where other drawers may go to lure votes in their direction, I think I should receive some bonus points.

  2. Robbi

    Lacey – if you have been dying for the fascist intel, I can assure you that NO ONE over on FB is trolling for votes. Evidently you are not the only one who is trying to gain traction through voter fraud. Here’s hoping you discover the loophole.

  3. Tara

    In spite of the referenced drawings, you know this is one of your better blog posts.


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