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Here We Go Again

by | Apr 17, 2015 | Creative Process, Our Work | 0 comments

Because we are committed to no less than ten big creative projects (four volumes for Idiots’Books, six mailings for Bobbledy) each year, there’s not much time to rest in the barn.

Robbi is busy at work on the next Bobbledy title, A Hole in this Book, a story about a boy who is trying very hard to tell the reader something but who is constantly thwarted by the surprising and awful things that keep happening to him. If you are the sort who does not like suspense, I will assure you that things turn out all right in the end, but not before Robbi as illustrator/god does a doozy on his living room.


You can see from the process pic above that Robbi has drawn a sketch on her computer, has made a printout, and is now tracing the line work with pen and ink. You will also see a (nearly empty) bowl of almonds to her left. And not a bunch of candy wrappers. Also, I can attest that the empty glass beside the bowl was recently full of water—not Coke.

The girl is trying to reform herself. Lately, she has been sleeping at night and working in the daytime.

She still frequently forgets to eat lunch if I am not here to remind her, but let us celebrate the baby steps, shall we?

I’m excited about this new book and look forward to sharing it with you all soon.





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