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It Has Arrived!

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Our Work | 1 comment

[if you want to cut to the chase and skip all the scroll-inducing build-up, here’s the button to pre-order. Use coupon code PRE-ORDER for 10% off and free shipping]

One of the most exciting parts of this whole book-making process (and there are many!) is opening the front door one day, all unawares, and discovering a fat little package on the doorstep from our friends at Macmillan. Now, sometimes this package is full of books that we’ve ordered to sell in our shop or to take to school visits.

Boxes of Books!

And even though these are things that we’ve ordered just like many other things we order online, there’s still something exciting about a box full of things that you created that someone else made and put in a box for you. (I know that’s rather specific, but as someone who used to not only have to create the things as well as print them, trim them, bind them, cover them, find boxes to put them in and then put them in the boxes, being able to make a phone call and have someone else do all that is kind of a thrill every time it happens).

But occasionally (really only 5 times so far) we get a different sort of package on our doorstep. Smaller, lighter, less dense.

Looks quite unassuming, no?

But oh my goodness how the heart flutters with excitement! Because as soon as we saw it – WE KNEW. Our advanced author’s copies of Book 3 of the Real McCoy’s Series: Wonder Undercover have arrived!

There’s tons of invisible confetti in this picture, I promise.


Yes indeed! And it looks SOOOO GOOODDDDD! I personally really love love love this green cover. And yellow endpapers!

We were not told what color the endpapers would be. This particular yellow is bangin’. Well done, Natalie Sousa, WELL DONE!

Another wonderful thing about getting a first copy in the mail is that since sending files away many many months ago, I have taken those many many months and used them to completely forget everything that I ever drew for this book. For example, me and Matthew as Wonder Scouts on the back flap.

Matthew’s definitely got the calves for skirts.

Or this page, where Annabelle Adams thwarts the marriage of Dr. Fungo (in disguise) to this unsuspecting countess:

The name of the priest is Don Silvio. In the book, this turns out to be funny.

I have zero recollection of drawing these. They don’t even look kind of familiar. Which means each illustration is a delight to me. To be honest, I secretly think this is one of my superpowers – my ability to forget. It makes every new day full of surprises.

Not only does the green cover look great, it looks especially great when lined up next to books 1 and 2 in the only spot in our home that wasn’t covered with detritus for me to take a glamour shot:


We’ve had the package open for a few hours now and have gone back to our desks to dive back into the current all-consuming project – but we each are clearly holding onto the feeling to warm our bellies while we work. I just got a text from Matthew (who is sitting about 10 yards away):

It’s luminous, baby.

We love it.

Wonder Undercover releases November 5. Our good friend Jesse, who runs the fantastically charming indie bookshop Postmark Books, has offered a 10% discount on pre-orders (enter code “PRE-ORDER” at checkout, includes free shipping!). We especially love Jesse because he’s the person who first connected us to Erin, who, if you don’t already know, is our fabulous editor and publisher at Macmillan. Which is to say, we owe Jesse big time so we’d like you to get cracking on paying him back for us.

We’re so excited for you all to see it in all its luminous glory!




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  1. David Perry

    Dare I ask if there will be a special Barn Edition this time? :D <3


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