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Mailing the Next Bobbledy Book

by | Feb 7, 2015 | Our Work | 0 comments

We’ve just finished up packing the latest Bobbledy Book, whose name cannot be revealed because it is the WINNER of the annual Bobbledy Books publishing contest! Once we’re sure the winner has received his/her book and the cat is out of the proverbial bag, we will do a post on the book and its author.

For now you get to look at how exciting it is to prepare a mailing. Whoo! (Can you tell that not much exciting happens around here?)

First up, every subscription comes with a letter from us. The letter has the latest news about what we’re up to or what’s coming up soon. This book’s letter included a drawing of artichoke aliens. Don’t ask – Matthew writes all the words and I just illustrate what he wrote. I also create a little activity sheet that usually has mazes or puzzles or something on it. This time around I did a puzzle about all the different types of worker bees (it was actually really fascinating doing the research for it) (and by “research” I mean looking at infographics and reading a wikipedia article).

Folding letters

The table in our studio gets buried in letters while we fold.

Letter photos

We didn’t get our packing done before the kids came home from school, so Alden did her homework while I labeled the envelopes.

Homework and workwork

Once all the envelopes are sealed up, labeled, and put in mailing bins, I put the stamps on. For some reason, I really like this part. I feel like part of a machine. A book-distributing machine, which is a pretty great machine to be a part of.

Putting stamps on

Included in this particular mailing are the certificates for those kids who submitted books to the contest (we got some great ones this year).


We are particularly fond of the gold seal (official, am I right?). Many years ago I found a notary stamp in the trash, so that’s what we’re using the stamp the certificates.

Gold seal

Don’t worry, I double-checked. John Reinke is retired and unless any of you are going to use these certificates in some sort of official capacity, I think we’re ok.

Certificate seal

Also, I’m afraid some certificates got a less-than-impressive impression on them. That’s because Kato wanted to help. The kid gave it his all, but we need to work on his grip.

Thanks to everyone who submitted books to the contest – we’ll post more about it later in the month. For now, keep your eye on your mailboxes!





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