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Matthew Draws 37 – Readers Draw Tiebreaker

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Matthew Draws | 4 comments

It has been an exciting journey. I started this contest by throwing the gauntlet, asking Idiots’Books subscribers to draw four famous faces.


Seven people entered the ring. Two were left standing, improbably tied for first.

Those capable illustrators are Lacey.


And Holly.



Desperate for a clear-cut winner, I suggested a draw off, and both of our finalists eagerly took up the challenge, which was to draw the striking and inimitable Uma Thurman.

What follows are three drawings, the handiwork of the two finalists and me. But in order to eliminate any bias you voters might be dragging along with you from the first round of guessing, I am changing the names of all three contestants. And here we go.

First up, Jorge. 


I feel compelled to share this email that accompanied Jorge’s submission:

I’m rarely one to boast, but I’m pretty freakin’ proud of how Matthew Draws-y this turned out.

The secret, apparently, was to draw with my left hand. After two glasses of wine. (Leading me, tangentially, to the thought that a Matthew Draws Drunk series could whisk you to international fame right quick. You’re welcome.)

And then this lovely image by Manuel. 





Manuel allowed that, while his drawing might not look much like Uma, it certainly captures the fact that she is probably a woman.

And this one by Enrique.


Enrique sent along the following plea:

I would like to get extra points (this is me begging) because my tie-breaking drawing was done on the back of a printed set-list from a Bob Dylan concert that I attended in June, 2014 in Kosice, Slovakia. Seriously. (hey, I would never make fun of your bucket list)

I’m sending the set-list as well. Tangled Up in Blue was fabulous, he wailed on the harmonica. And how can you not love these lyrics from She Belongs to Me?

“She wears an Egyptian red ring that sparkles before she speaks

She wears an Egyptian red ring that sparkles before she speaks

She’s a hypnotist collector

You are a walking antique”

Also, I want to thank everyone whose drawings were somehow worse than inferior to not as good as mine. I appreciate that. folks.

I so look forward to winning

I have no idea how Enrique knew that I am the world’s biggest Bob Dylan fan or that Tangled Up in Blue is my favorite Dylan song.

Or did Enrique not know these things, and all of this is just a huge coincidence? I may never know, but I must admit that it is very difficult for me to keep from admiring a drawing printed on the backside of a Dylan set list. I feel a little like the humble public servant who, in spite of earnest efforts to be entirely beyond the reach of corruption, nevertheless really enjoys the money, favors, and other bribes that come across his desk.

What I’m trying it say is that this most sly and insidious of bribes might actually be working.

Fortunately, mine is not the only vote. And who knows, by placing myself in the finals after not actually qualifying to be there, I could still actually win this thing. Ah, the joys of being the one who writes the post.

But enough chit-chat already. Let’s vote, shall we?

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  1. Lacey

    This is so much fun and will be even more so when I win.

  2. jenny

    Keep on having witty fun!

  3. Jenny

    Oh, if I’d known my comment was going to show up, I wouldn’t have written something so lame. Like this.

  4. Matthew

    Jenny: I think “keep on having witty fun” is exactly the sort of comment the world needs more of. I had initially planned on spending this afternoon brooding miserably, but you have convinced me to explore alternatives. Thank you. And have an enjoyable weekend.


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