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MoCCAFest 2015

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On the eve of departure, I write to let you know that Robbi and I will be spending the weekend at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts Festival in New York.


There you will find us from 11-6 on Sunday and Saturday, standing bravely behind our table covered with books, daring people to take note and inspiring (Robbi’s job) them to hand us some money in exchange for a book.

Here are the books in question. A few of them, at least.


We will have a six-foot table at our command and will aim to use the real estate as well as possible.

We have made a few changes this time around:

1) Simplification. In years past, we have lugged along an unholy mountain of stuff—t-shirts and onesies, posters, far too many books, long aluminum poles, various attention-seeking banners. We’re leaving most of it at home this year, opting for a spare and simple presentation. We have convinced ourselves that the decision is born of aesthetic development. But I wonder if, instead, we have just gotten a little too old (read weary) for all the bells and whistles.

2) Children. All three kids have been to MoCCA fest, but only as infants strapped to our bodies. Upon learning to walk, they all have been banned. But this time, for god knows what reason, we have decided to bring Alden and Kato along. It may be the worst mistake we’ve ever made. At the least, it should lead to some bloggable moments.

As a result of these changes, our packing was both easier and harder. We are bringing 4 boxes this year instead of the usual 15.


However, we are bringing two additional suitcases, one pink and one blue with orange accents.


We would love to see you, of course. Here are the details.

548 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011
*Note that this is a new location for MoCCA

Saturday and Sunday
April 11, 2015 – April 12, 2015
11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Table 438 on the 4th floor

And here’s the MoCCA website, should you care to see who else is exhibiting and presenting and sponsoring, etc.

Hope to see you there.





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