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Pocket Story Builder

Pocket Story Builder

Here’s a simple template to get you started on the basics of a story, and all it takes is a single sheet of paper! Download the template HERE, and follow the steps below to turn your paper into a mini-book!

Once your book is folded and cut, start with panel 1 – your hero! Draw a picture and describe your main character on this panel. On panel 2, figure out what your hero’s goal is – what is it you want your hero to do in this book? On panel 3, introduce the obstacle, something (or someone) who will keep your hero from reaching the goal . On panel 4, show your hero making some progress in spite of the obstacle. We don’t want to give up! On panel 5, your hero will have a setback – it’s more interesting if we’re not sure your hero is going to be successful. On panel 6, show the resolution – was your hero successful in reaching the goal or not? Then draw your portrait in the frame on panel 7 and write a little about yourself. Finally, as a last step, design your cover and name your book, now that you know what it’s actually about!

Share your mini story with your friends or use it as a starting point for a longer story with more details!

Directions on how to fold a single sheet of paper into a book