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Rainbow(s) on the Tundra

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Adventure | 4 comments

Our very first evening on the tundra, about an hour after we arrived at our cabin on the bluff, mere moments after finishing our heaping plates of spaghetti, we were sitting at the table when we heard someone gasp. Robbi’s brother or sister, I think. We wondered what was wrong. As it turned out, something was just right. As directed, we looked out the window. Outside was the most astonishing rainbow any of us had ever seen.


And, in fact, it was not just one rainbow. It was two, one piled on top of the other. We weren’t sure what we’d done to receive such a gift, other than show up in the first place. Which, in light of the 36-hour journey, was no small feat, we admitted.


Perhaps Alaska was just thanking us for putting in the effort to arrive.

We walked through the compound and over to the edge of the bluff, eager to catch site of the pot of gold that would justify such a display. But the rainbow refused to show its hand. It extended well across the river, past the opposite shore.


Somewhere, over on a far patch of tundra grasses, I suspect a bear or caribou is beholding whatever it is the leprechauns of the tundra do where rainbows such as this one end.


But whatever that is could never match the grand display before our eyes. This was one of those times when reality is even better than the stuff of fairy tales.





  1. Michele

    That is the coolest of the cool. Ubercool. I’ve seen a double rainbow before. But, never one (much less two) full on arcs from end to end. Y’all did something right that day!

    P.S. I know y’all are busy – but I really, really, really, really miss Matthew Draws.

  2. Matthew

    Michele. All it takes to reignite the fires is for one fan to rise from the darkness and demand Matthew Draws. You ask and I shall deliver. Consider it done.

  3. Robbi

    Thanks a lot, Michele.

  4. Matthew Swanson

    Because you are kind and earnest and unassuming, I will help you understand that Robbi is not actually happy that you reminded me about the all-consuming wonder that is Matthew Draws. Robbi wanted me to forget that wonder forever. Robbi is really, really mad at you right now.


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