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by | Mar 20, 2015 | Our Work | 0 comments

Some of you know and others do not, that Robbi has been leading a one-woman charge to bring knowledge and creativity to the youth of our universe via the Bobbledy Blog and its series of monthly prompts.

For example, the current theme is snakes. If you are curious, you can click and learn all about snakes. But if you are content to lie back and marvel at the seemingly effortless wonder of Robbi’s recent illustrations (I hope you will indulge me as I brag on her a bit), you can just scroll through some of the ad hoc drawings that have resulted from her relentless research.

This, for example, is a snake.


And this is a snake in the process of contemplating his lunch. This is, to be specific, an African Egg Eating Snake, a snake that goes to great lengths to consume eggs that are much larger than its head. It’s pretty impressive. And rather horrifying. You may click here to read Robbi’s stirring commentary and see a video.

Or, if you prefer that your exposure to egg-eating snakes be confined to the illustrated realm, you can pause a moment and scroll on.



Last month, Robbi took on the topic of trees.

She filled our young readers’ heads with hard-hitting science.


I even wrote a story about trees, which Robbi saw fit to illustrate with this, admittedly bleak, illustration. Most trees die, but apparently, they don’t have to! Trees really could live for ever if only we didn’t mess with them.


Did you know that some trees are full of goats? Robbi did, and so she wrote a rather interesting post about it.



Robbi was so inspired by the world’s biggest trees that she put together a post on them, too.

In case you were wondering, that its the Statue of Liberty. To my way of thinking, if the French really wanted to give us a nice gift, they could have at least made it taller than any tree.



Two months ago, Robbi devoted herself to the exploration of perhaps her favorite topicice_cream_drawing

And I was inspired to write a parable of sorts on how ice cream came to be.



And here, if you’re looking for a project, is a post in which we explain, step-by-step how to make your own ice cream. Spoiler alert: the kids seemed to think it was more fun to make than to eat.


The point of all this? Good things are happening over on the Bobbledy Blog. Whether you enjoy Robbi’s illustration, my stories, or the acquisition of obscure knowledge, there’s something for you.

And especially if you have young people in your life, please bring them by to check it all out. The real point of the themes is to get kids involved in drawing pictures and writing stories inspired by the themes. Kids send us their stuff (via email or Facebook) and we post it to the blog. Once a month, we name one winner. The prize is a Bobbledy book.

And immortality, of course.

So please stop by. And please submit. And please let Robbi know if you appreciate her efforts.





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