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Rock the Vote: Absurd is the Bird

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Our Work | 0 comments

Many of you have the distinct pleasure and burden of being Bobbledy parents.

I say “pleasure” with the optimistic hope that your children enjoy the books we send your way. I say “burden” because I have heard from many of you that the yearly album of children’s music we also send your way has a tendency to find its way into the car CD player and stay there in perpetuity.

Knowing this, we endeavor to only send you the best, least-awful, most uncloying children’s music we can muster. Last year’s contribution to this pantheon of adult-appropriate Bobbledy albums was created by Jordan Allen White, talented singer, songwriter, composer, producer, puppeteer, and actor.

We are thrilled to learn that the title track from Absurd is the Bird has been selected as a finalist for the International Songwriting Competition People’s Voice 2015.


If you have had the pleasure (or agony) of listening to Absurd is the Bird more than 100 times, perhaps you would like to express your appreciation for/animus toward Jordan by casting your vote in his favor. Click the big red button below and then choose the category “Children’s Music.” Absurd is the Bird is the first one on the list. You can vote once a day.


Please help us help Jordan get the recognition he deserves. Here’s the link again (if you’re the type who fears big red buttons.)





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