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The Auction Has Returned! – Rainy Night

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Creative Process | 2 comments

Perhaps you have been discontent these past many months while the Bobbledy Books original illustration auctions have been dormant. Your long sad wait is over. The artist in question was recently inspired and has recommitted herself to producing one original painting or drawing or whatsuch each month, in keeping with the the current theme.

The current theme is rain, and so we give you this.

House in the Rain

Because you are a the discerning sort, I know you want to have a closer look, so here you go.

House in the Rain

And because you are interested in framing and scale, for purposes of gauging long term value as Robbi continues her march toward prominence and fame, I will show you this photo with a thumb thrown in for reference.

House in the Rain

“But is it the thumb of a child or a giant?” you’re probably wondering. And although it is a reasonable question, I flatly refuse to answer.

What I will tell you that the reverse side of this painting contains various unfinished paintings of goldfish. Why? Because someone wasn’t paying much attention. And who could that be? I think you know.

Fish on the back

If you are intrigued (of course you are intrigued), I invite you to place your bid. The auction ends on Sunday, April 17 at 10:00pm EST. Why? Because that’s what the leading industry research suggests is the best time to end an auction.

And do we always heed the advice of leading industry research?

We do.





  1. Don

    I start the bidding at ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  2. Matthew

    Don, you must have filled out the form wrong. The bidding appears to be stalled at $102.50. Maybe try again?


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