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The Grand Rebranding Begins

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Miscellany | 3 comments

Robbi and Matthew


We are pleased to welcome you to our new virtual home. This blog is one of the projects on which Robbi has been toiling away day, night, and afternoon for the past month or so instead of living here in the barn with us.

I am happy to say that all her hard work has finally borne fruit. is ready to share with you good people.

Why this sudden surge in narcissism?

For a long time we have been waddling along in branding wasteland, funneling everything through the lens of Idiots’Books even though we now do a lot of other things. When we meet people at conferences and such, it is hard to know where to send them to learn more about all of what we do.

And so we have concocted, which is an umbrella site for everything we do. It tells our story, explains our various ventures, gives people an opportunity to book us for various speaking engagements.

For those of you who already know us well, there probably won’t be much in the way of revelation on this site, but this blog (the one you are reading at this very moment) will be the new home for all new posts about anything we do moving forward.

Here’s the new blogging plan. Bear with me for just a moment.

1) The blog you are on right now will be the new home for ALL NEW POSTS. That is: posts about books, posts about kids, posts about late-night candy binges. If you want a continuation of the sort of content free-for-all you have been enjoying (right?) on the blog formerly known as Idiots’Books, create a bookmark to this page and come here every day for delight (right?).

2) The Idiots’Books blog will now be devoted exclusively to content related to…wait for it…Idiots’Books.  If you want to read about how we conceive, develop, bind, and sell (ha) our odd, satirically nonviable picture books for adults, consult the Idiots’Books blog. We hope to update it at least once a week. NOTE: All content on the Idiots’Books blog will ALSO be published on the Robbi and Matthew blog.

3) The Bobbledy Blog will continue being devoted exclusively to Bobbledy content. And, once the grand rebranding is complete, we promise to actually start posting on it again. We have been remiss of late. Sorry about that. It has been a busy time of occasional weeping. Joy will soon return, and with it, more fun Bobbledy content, at least weekly, and hopefully more often than that.


1) Visit this blog (the Robbi and Matthew blog) to read EVERY POST WE WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING.

2) Visit the Idiots’Books blog for only Idiots’Books content

3) Visit the Bobbledy Blog for only Bobbledy Books content

We will do our best to ensure that future content on this blog is at least somewhat less boring and didactic. In fact, tomorrow’s post will be downright thrilling.

I’m off to find something thrilling to do (or pretend to do).

Stay tuned.

And welcome!

Note: The lovely photo at the top of this post was taken by the talented and pregnant Jennifer Trovato, who came to the barn this past weekend to do a photo shoot in spite of her ample condition. There are many more gorgeous photos from the shoot that we will share with you in the days ahead, including some black and white shots taken by her husband Horace, who, in addition to having a fabulous name, took his pictures with real live film! You may check out more of their work (or hire them to take pictures of you or your dog or what have you on their blog).





  1. Kelly

    Hi, long time Idiot’s Books blog reader, first time commenter here. The new site is bananas! Nice work!

  2. Matthew

    Hello Kelly! You are the first person to comment on the new blog. Pick a book from our catalog and email me your mailing address, and we’ll send it your way. As for your observation, my kids love bananas, so I’m going to take this as an indication that we should move forward with our heads held high. So nice to meet you.

  3. Adrian Kosmicki

    My only comment is – I had to look up the word “obstreperous.”

    Looks great, guys!


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