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Weather Balloon Auction

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Creative Process, Our Work | 0 comments

Hello, folks. For various reasons involving travel, fishing, writing things, drawing things, traveling some more, sleeping not enough, and then traveling, we put the art auction on hiatus for a few months. But now it has returned, along with a volley of blog posts dealing with the wondrous global phenomenon of weather balloons.

Inspired by a weather balloon she found on the tundra in Alaska this summer, Robbi has been telling their story. And it is such an interesting one.

Robbi has been so fascinated by weather balloons of late that she decided to paint one. And then another and another and another.

Painting Weather Balloons

At this very moment, all over the earth, more than 1,000 balloons are floating up and up and up, doing their thing, letting us know how to plan for the weekend ahead.

Weather Balloons crop

Here is a scan of the whole shebang, a gods-eye sideways glance at the collective ascent above a grateful planet.


If you are so inspired, you may place your bid HERE. The auction ends at 9PM EST on Sunday, Sept. 20th. Which means you don’t have much time. So get to it. These suckers only stay in the air for so long.






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