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She’s back!

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Family | 2 comments

You know what they say . . . you can take the woman out of the barn, but eventually she is going to come back.


For those of you who have been concerned about the integrity of our nuclear family unit, I am pleased to announce that Robbi has returned to the barn. And not just for dinner and a change of clothes, but for good. How do I know this? Because her computer has returned as well.

For her nearly two-month hiatus to the far end of Queen Street Robbi has much to show for herself: the design and construction of five new websites (four of which tremble excitedly on the brink of launch), a whole slew of Haywire designs, and storyboards for two upcoming books.

Which is to say, she thinks it was worth it, though she is rather glad to be home. And we are glad to have her. And by “we,” I mean the children. I am not present to enjoy her homecoming because I have now relocated to the far end of Queen Street.


To get some writing done. To puzzle knowingly over the infinite mysteries. And to get some damn sleep.





  1. Stu Cawley

    That’s right, baby! What’s deemed beneficial to the goose is equally salubrious for the gander. Enjoy, Matthew. Also, since Iggy & Robbi felt entitled to help themselves to anything that looked appealing in my compost pile, I feel compelled to extend the offer to you as well.

  2. Heather

    You guys are so tricky. Hope you have the benefit of another Trader Joe’s/Costco run. Happy writing!


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