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I have been thinking of late about the distance we have come since we (Matthew and I) first decided to take that hard left turn onto the scenic route and start making books together. The first blog post I wrote about what we then thought was a one-year adventure was in early April of 2006.


This is what the inside of our barn looked like back in 2006. Also, our blog did not support very high-res images, so these photos are for reals authentic.

Did you also know that it is now 2019, which is THIRTEEN YEARS LATER? If I did not literally have four children to show for it, I would not believe it.

An outtake from the yearly peony-bloom photoshoot. And yes! These all emerged from my vagina (separately) at various intervals since that first blog post. Remarkable!

I thought of making a list of all the things I didn’t know I was going to be doing for the last 13 years, but it started being way too much math. Suffice it to say, there’s been a lot going on and I look forward to the day when I can actually do the math and go through the old blog posts and look at the old photos in idle peace (did you know our iphoto library has about 200,000 photos in it? I did not until I just now did some math, look at my math go!).

As it is, I am once again on a deadline, so have amped myself up on a variety of sugars and high fructose corn syrups and am using my newfound bursts of creative energy to do some long overdue bloggin’ and count up average sizes of iphoto library folders.

This would ordinarily be embarrassing, but I’ve recently made peace with the fact that restricting my diet completely to cookies, candy and cheez-its is the secret to my creative success. I’m embracing my authenticity, yo.
ps I expect this to last the week. Except for the Pepperidge Farm cookies, which will last two nights but are too expensive to eat non-stop until the job is done.

We (Matthew and I) are cookin’ on new adventures, along with new books, new projects, but definitely no new babies. More anon. In the meantime, though, thanks to you for being the part of the “we” that is more than just me and Matthew. We like we so much.





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